We Married Quickly, How Do I Get To Know My Husband?


Larry Michel discusses what happens when you get a quickie wedding and realize you don’t know your spouse. How can you squeeze years of dating into a few months to save your marriage?

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What I Know Now: Is She The One?

Joy Eggerichs
Ever ask yourself “how do you know?” when thinking about marriage?

In this video, Joy and Emerson talk about a man’s confusion regarding committing himself to move his current relationship towards marriage. Join the discussion here: http://loveandrespectnow.com/?p=21320

Dating Advice : How to Know the Rules of Dating for Women

The rules of dating for women include asking open ended questions and letting a man talk about himself to raise his self-esteem on a date. Know the female rules of dating with tips from a relationship specialist in this free video on dating.

Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn
Contact: www.AskDoctorPaul.com
Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and IRN.com, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Just Want To Be Happy? 5 Things You Need To Do RIGHT NOW!

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ven though craving happiness is a part of being human, trying to figure out how to get it definitely isn’t always so clear cut. All of those movies make it seem as if being happy is incredibly easy, which just isn’t always the case—But we’re pretty sure that we all know this based on our own experiences. As crazy as it may sound, many people practically spend a lifetime in the pursuit of happiness. The problem is that figuring out where to even begin can sometimes make the journey feel so far away.

So is there seriously a key to happiness? And if there is, just what exactly do we need to change about our current lifestyle so we can start working on our happy ending?

According to author John Gray, there are actually quite a few simple ways to do this! Even though it may seem easier said than done, you have to remember that things that are worth fighting for take time. His spot-on advice on what we need to do to have have a happy life led us to a few questions of our own:

1. When was the last time you really looked at yourself in the mirror? And we’re not just talking about as part of your morning routine.

2. Can you honestly say that you are satisfied with everything in your life?
3. If you have a lot going on right now, can you pinpoint any ways that you may have inadvertenly contributed to the stress?

Genuine happiness definitely doesn’t happen overnight. But with John Gray’s tips, you’ll get there in no time at all!

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Naomi Robson – How do you know if the one you’re with is ‘the one’?

Naomi Robson chats with dating expert Katia Loisel-Furey about how to know if the one you’re with is a keeper.

The girls cover those very loud and clear signs that you’re in a bad relationship and are most likely wasting your time as well as the positive signs that you’re with the right person for you. Some fascinating insights for people at any stage of a relationship… to help you decide whether to stay or move on to get what you want.

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How to Know If She’s Interested | Dating Tips

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Alright, guys, so you want to know if she’s interested. You’ve met this girl. You’re, you know, interested in her, obviously, but you want to be able to read her cues to see if she’s interested back. And that is, , you know, it’s a little touchy. Because there’s some women and they’re just really nice, and they’re going to give you kind of what you’re going to perceive as false cues.

But, there’s a couple things that you can really pay attention to. One, that, you know, is we talked about this before, the touch. No one is touching you unless they’re interested in you.

And, you know, there is a certain smile, a certain sparkle, that I think happens between people who are attracted to one another, and you really just have to be able to, you know, weed through the ones that are more just being genuinely nice and the other ones that are, you know, looking to have a little fun. So you got to be able to read the cues. You got to put some cues out there.

So it’s all about mirroring one another. You know. If you’re going to start flirting with her, you know, you need to see if she’s going to flirt back. So whether you’re, you know, saying a flirty joke or, you know, making some vague reference to going out, you know, you need to read her cues to see if she’s going to be responsive. And sometimes, you know what, you just have to go for it. So you’ll find out if she’s interested or not is, you know, when you ask her out.

In terms of flirtation I think you’re going to have the people who are, you know, sparkly or romantic, and then you’re going to have the friend side of it. So I think there’s more, kind of, two zones here instead of making it all complicated. So you either have the people who are nice – and hopefully you’re talking to nice people, but it also makes it kind of confusing if you’re interested in them – and then you have the people who are flirting. So it’s kind of figuring out, you know, what I can throw at them to see if they throw it back at me. And then you can figure out if they’re interested.

If she calls you back, the biggest thing is the mirroring rule. And I, you know, you might have heard this before. Is if, you know, you need to get back what you’re giving. And if they’re not giving it back then you know that they’re not interested. So if you’re calling them and they’re not calling you back, or if you’re texting them and they’re not texting you back, or if you’re asking them out and they’re saying no for now, they’re not interested. And it goes both ways. So if you’re putting yourself out there and she’s not returning it then you have your answer.

But, you know, if you’ve just met you kind of have to watch the nuances a little bit more, because you don’t have her number yet. You’ve got to watch the other video.

First Date Tips : Creative Get to Know You Questions

In order to creatively get to know someone on a first date, ask simple questions that are not intrusive. Get to know someone on a first date in an informal fashion with tips from the author of a dating book in this free video on relationship advice and first dates.

Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn
Contact: www.AskDoctorPaul.com
Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and IRN.com, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz