First Date Mistakes – Why he didn’t call


Get back in shape for yourself… Attracting more guys is the plus! =)

Have you ever been on a great first date, or so you thought, only to never hear from him again? Hi guys, my name is Annie, and I’ll go over the 6 biggest first date mistakes people make.

Remember a first date is a time for the two of you to get to know each other, so have fun, be interested in what he has to say, and enjoy the company!

Until next time, happy hunting. =)

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For women: when you are talking to him for the first time…

PracticalHappiness – Practical Dating Tips and Relationship Advice
A simple and useful tip that will help you come across as different from most other women when the guy comes up and start talking to you or on your first date.


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Ask Joy: Which Comes First, Love or Respect?

Joy Eggerichs
In this Ask Joy, Joy and Emerson discuss the age-old question: Which comes first, love or respect? The answer…depends on you.

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How to Impress a Guy on a First Date Understanding Men

Jonathon Aslay
Now if you’ve been spending hours decking up to look great on a date, this should help you score big points with a guy. Here are five important things that guys always notice on a date.
And if you want to know what those things are that guys don’t care about, here are a few tips on what guys never notice on a date.

It is said that men and women think alike when they’re dressing up for a date.

But seriously, women and men have mighty different ideas when it comes to the bigger priorities on dressing up and impressing on a date.

Here are five things that every single guy will always notice on a date.

What guys always notice on a date #1 YOUR ASSETS

Is it your first date? It doesn’t matter though. A guy would have eye-grazed your boob or your super-sexy back at least a few times when you’re not looking. Every guy you’re dating would check you out at some point of time on the date.

What guys always notice on a date #2 SKIN

How much skin are you flashing? All guys would definitely notice this. But don’t be too certain that the equation of ‘more skin equals more attention’ always works.

Some guys would break into an uncomfortable sweat if you do a ‘Basic Instinct’!

What guys always notice on a date #3 YOUR CUTE HABITS

Do you have a cute way of smiling, or tucking your hair behind your ear? Or is it something else? Guys dig that! And if there’s one thing that a guy takes back as a memory from the date, it would be this one.

What guys always notice on a date #4 YOUR AURA

Are you in control of the situation? Can you handle it if you’re halfway through a date and both of you bump into a close friend of his? A guy loves it when she can laugh back at his friends and show that she’s ah… a ‘woman of substance’. He wants all his pals to know that you’re the hottest thing around, and he’d definitely fall promptly in love if he sees your positive aura, whatever may be the situation.

What guys always notice on a date #5 YOUR SMELL

He may not know too many of your exotic labels, but his nose can always recognize a good fragrance. A woman’s fragrance is intoxicating, and a man could go giddy while whispering near your ears.

So if you’re ever wondering how to impress a guy on a date, remember these five points on what guys always notice on a date, and we can assure you, he’ll fall right into love with you!

What Should You Wear on a First Date?

Something sexy? Something comfortable? A little black dress? Emily Morse, Julia Allison and Amy Laurent from Bravo’s ‘Miss Advised’ give their advice on what women should wear on a first date to make the best first impression.

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How To Avoid First Date Disappointment

welovedates nostringsdating
Have you ever gone on a first date and been so disappointed by the other person? Maybe they weren’t as attractive as their photos or maybe they had the personality of a rock. Or perhaps there was no connection or chemistry. No matter what, you just weren’t feeling it. First dates can be notoriously disappointing because we tend to get our hopes up about the other person. In this video, No Strings Dating teaches us how to manage our first date expectations so you don’t end up disappointed and frustrated.