Do Women Expect Too Much From Men?


Do you expect too much from your boyfriend or husband? Have you caught yourself upset that he couldn’t read your mind? This time around, The Experts discuss if you expect too much out of your partner and your relationship.

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Ask Joy: Which Comes First, Love or Respect?

Joy Eggerichs
In this Ask Joy, Joy and Emerson discuss the age-old question: Which comes first, love or respect? The answer…depends on you.

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Secrets About Men: Do You Want To Be Cherished and Adored?

Kara Oh
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Best Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Need?

Yes, be amazing! Accomplished, capable, strong, and powerful. But when it’s time to be with your man, relax into your feminine energy so he can love, cherish, and adore you. You can’t have that if you’re both in your masculine energy. Plus, my dear heart, you need to give yourself time to rest. You can only do THAT when you’re in your feminine energy.

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Relationship Basics- How To Improve Your Relationships

The Modern Relationship Channel with Trevor Mullineaux
Trevor Crow LMFT talks about the basics necessary for keeping your relationship healthy. Are you feeling like things are changing in your relationship? This video has some basic things that you can do to find out your relationship style, what is going wrong in your relationship, and how to change it.

Stop Doing This If You Want a Good Relationship

Kara Oh
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Best Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Need?
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Maybe he’s in midlife crisis:

Too often, when you’re dating, the red flags that are trying to warn you and keep you safe are ignored. What you end up with is heart break and wasted time.

To have the life you want, you have to take charge. Take charge of your life, your emotions, your reactions and choices. Heeding red and even yellow flags is essential to a happy life.

In this video, Kara Oh, author of Men Made Easy and dating and relationship adviser for fifteen years, offers advice on how to get more of what you want.

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