Meaning of kiss – why do we kiss – what kiss explains

RN Productions kiss is indicates so many feeling, it may be father, mother, sister, brother, lover, boy friend and husband. we can derive all above as per the time being. we can find reality of the person, when they kiss or hug us. here i mentioned some quotes which explains meaning of kiss.
those are :
1) The sole, the kiss, the heart, the first word of love
2) kiss when you love, kiss when you care
3) a kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature to stop speech, when words become super fluouis
4)kissing a girl on the fore head is one of the sweetest thing in the world
5)when i kiss you, i can taste your soul
6) i still remember your first kiss
7)kiss me and you will see how important how i am


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Arranging a Romantic Dinner for Two (383)

Arranging a Romantic Dinner for Two (383)
(NewsUSA) – Between work and family obligations, many couples struggle to find time together. But finding time to enjoy your partner’s company is important, so why not have fun with it? Planning a romantic dinner might be easier than you think.
Here are some tips for couples looking to plan a special dinner with their partner:
– Arrange “alone” time. If you have kids, see if they can spend the night at a friend’s or relative’s home. If not, hire a sitter to entertain your children outside of the home.
If the dinner’s a surprise, make sure that your partner isn’t going to be busy with other plans. If you want to let your partner know about your plans, leave an invitation on his or her pillow.
– Set the scene. Make sure that your home looks romantic when your partner arrives. Candles and roses let your partner know that you have arranged something special. Set the table with china, lovely stemware and your favorite linens.
– Choose a delicious wine. Conversation over a wonderful wine is one of life’s simplest pleasures, so indulge in something light and refreshing. The 2007 Clos du Bois Rosé ( proves a delicate, floral wine with hints of wild strawberries and ripe watermelon. It’s bright acidity and rosy color make it a wonderful choice for romantic nights in. Better yet, dry rosés work with most food pairings, whether you’re planning an all-chocolate menu, ethnic food or more traditional fare.
– When it comes to food, play it safe. If you’ve never rolled your own gnocchi before, now is not the time to give pasta-making a try. Choose a recipe that you know well, or order carry-out from a favorite restaurant. If you do order food, transfer it to attractive dishes before serving. Don’t forget appetizers. Go to a local cheese shop for help putting together an elegant cheese plate.
– Dress up. A kuskus with spicy vegetables looks much less elegant if you’re wearing a ratty T-shirt and worn jeans. You don’t need to make yourself uncomfortable, but do put some effort into your appearance.
Knowing the right settings, foods and wines can make romantic dinners an enjoyable, regular experience. For great recipes and wine-pairing suggestions for any season, visit the Memorable Menus page on the Clos du Bois Web site at