Impossible To Regain Trust Once It’s Lost? Think Again. Here’s How

Trust is without a doubt one of the cornerstones of any successful, healthy relationship. And this is especially true of longterm romantic relationships in which the individuals’ lives are completely intertwined (like, you know, marriage). So when trust is broke, it can have an outsized and devastating downstream effect. But can it be fixed? Mary Kay Cocharo believes so and has tips on how you can do it. Maybe you won’t return to the way things were but maybe this will be better.

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How to support your partner when they have a bad day (it’s not what you think!)

Lauren Gray
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Dear Lauren,

When something upsets my boyfriend or when anything upsets me, we feel responsible for each other. For example, if he gets upset about some incident, I feel guilty like it is somehow my fault when in fact I had nothing to do with it! It’s the same with him, if he sees me upset, he feels down. What do we do in this case? Is this normal?


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Tanita Tikaram- I think of you

“And I Think Of You (E penso a te)” is a song recorded by Tanita Tikaram. It’s the English version of the Italian “E penso a te” by Lucio Battisti previously recorded by the composer and Mina. The song is the only previously unreleased track on the compilation “The Best of Tanita Tikaram”. Promotional singles of the song were sent to several radio stations. In 1998, the track appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Tikaram’s sixth studio album “The Cappuccino Songs”. Joe McElderry covered the song for his fourth studio album, Here’s What I Believe