Esther Perel Offers Advice On The Biggest Signs He Loves You (Even If He Never Says It)

How to tell if your man loves you (when he doesn’t say it often):…

Have you ever been so in love with someone that just being around him was enough to make you smile? From the way he rubs your feet after a long day at work to how he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better. There’s no greater feeling in the world than finding the person that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. But not hearing the words “I Love You” can make things nerve racking. Just what are the signs he loves you?


How do I know you know if he loves me? This is the question that I always giggle a little bit when I hear. The bottom line with two people and their love is that they make abundantly clear.

He should first tell you that he loves you but really actions speak louder than words.

When he asks you what do you need before he tells you sometimes when he needs..

He should show you in meaningful ways he’s trying to make you happy and to please you.

When he tries to please you when he does for you even if it’s not important for him.

It’’s not about the obvious tried gestures like sending flowers aren’t bringing chocolate but it’s in the details too.

The act itself of doing for the other even when it’s actually something that we would never do for ourselves that generosity is essential to know.

If he knows that you’re afraid of heights he’ll book a hotel room on the ground floor. If he knows you’re allergic to seafood he takes you to a steak restaurant. These are the little things that he does every single day to try to make you happy.

But the question I will also ask is how much do you need constant affirmation and confirmation that he does love you. Will he say how come you don’t know and show you in multiple ways and you will still say not enough because there’s a part of me that doesn’t really believe that I am lovable or that one could love me?

Simply from the fact that this is a question tells me that there is a small thought or perhaps even a large thought that he doesn’t. If you don’t clearly feel as if you were being loved and there’s a good chance that you might not be.

You know that a person loves you by the level of investment, care, attention, support, interest that the other person shows you.

We all communicate our love in certain ways but the bottom line is when we love we do communicate.

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