Dating Advice for Women: Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women

Sensuality Secrets
Dating Tips for Women by Patty Contenta. Patty is the founder and author of Sensuality Secrets, a book and DVD set that helps divorced women over 40 who are struggling with their body image feel sexy, feminine, confident, and attract quality male attention without looking cheap or trashy. Patty has become a sought after speaker and radio guest in North America.

Today’s question is Dear Patty, I feel like I’m constantly comparing myself to other women and all I see are all of the ways that I don’t measure up. I know this is unhealthy, but I just feel inadequate. What’s wrong with me and how can I break this bad habit?
I know that feeling all to well. I have had relationships that ended with the a guy dumping me. It would always start on a high note and then something would happen to change all of that. And I remember in those moments feeling like what could I have done better? Was I not enough of a woman for him to see my value? Why am I such a failure? Crazy thoughts like that!

I needed to do some deep inner work to remind myself of the beautiful woman that I am on the inside and out. I needed to be gentle with myself all over again. And I needed to change my thoughts…and fast!

I began by accepting myself for being where I am. This means, take that little girl and remind her every day how wonderful life is! With every tiny step and every thought, I was going to get my confidence back!

So I started by simplifying the meaning of love.

Watch the video and find out how I did just that!

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