Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me-Don’t Struggle Over The Answer


People never truly understand one another; after all we are not mind readers. This is why doubt can settle in the minds of people in a relationship. You want to believe your boyfriend loves you but there can sometimes be that little nagging doubt in the back of your mind.

That is a problem a lot of women face, they are unsure of whether or not their boyfriends truly love them or not. They are left asking themselves “Does My Boyfriend Really Love ME” and struggling to come up with an answer.

They do not struggle because their boyfriend may not love them and they are having trouble coming up with ways to say otherwise. They struggle because how do you determine whether or not someone loves you? It is an easy question to ask, not an easy one to answer.

There are four good signs to look for that can tell you whether or not your boyfriend loves you. These are no exact nor will they all apply, but they can be a good place to start when trying to answer this question.

1: Look him in the eyes. A man who loves and respects you will not look away and avert his gaze; he will look you straight in the eye. This is how he conveys you are his equal and that he loves you, if he refuses to look you in the eye when expressing his love it may be because he is lying and would feel bad by looking you in the eye when he said that.

2: Men respect the people they love. Respect is an important aspect of relationships and you earn it as your man falls for you. If he could not respect you he very likely would not have fallen in love with you. Part of respecting someone is being honest and open with them. You do not hide or lie to those you respect so he should be willing to share his thoughts and concerns with you. As well as hear out your own concerns and support you when you make a decision.

3: A man who is in love will always make time. People inherently want to be around things they love, it is just human nature. This holds true with men just as much as women so if your man truly does love you he would want to spend time with you, and as such would make time. If he always has something else going on or constantly comes up with excuses, this may be a sign that he does not love you.

4: He will remember your special day. We all have special and important days, be it anniversary or birthdays. If your man loves you he will remember those days and make sure to acknowledge them as best he can.

Now remember that all men are not the same, they may show some of these signs such as not looking you in the eye or forgetting important dates, but that may not mean they do not love you. Some men may simply be too shy to look you in the eye, or forgetful to remember what the date is.

You know your boyfriend better than I ever could so it is at your discretion whether or not these signs truly apply. But they can prove to be a fairly good guideline to help you answer whether or not your boyfriend loves you.

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