How to ask a girl out, and what to do ahead of time to prepare for a yes answer!

Marie Dubuque
It’s all in the preparation, guys! In fact, you really should know ahead of time whether this girl is going to say yes. A couple weeks before the day you plan to ask her out on a date, you should be asking her casually what she is doing over the weekend. If she is vague with her plans, or seems uncertain, she could be waiting for you to ask her out! But, if she has every minute of the weekend covered, then maybe she is thinking you will ask her out, but doesn’t want you to. Also, I would ask her out in a group situation. try to get a bunch of you to go somewhere and see if she wants to come along. That way, it is easier and less stressful for both of you. If that doesn’t work out, ask her for coffee during the day. That way, it is quick and less of a “date.” And try to come up with a purpose for the meeting. You need advice about something, help on a project, a paper, something like that. Even though you both know it is a date, at least if you get a rejection, it is not like being rejected for a Saturday night dinner and a movie!


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