How to Know if You’re in a Healthy Relationship

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There are certain qualities that exist in a healthy relationship. Find out if yours is healthy and work on the qualities that are lacking.

Step 1: Look for support
Look for support in your relationship. If you feel your partner is always there through life’s ups and downs, forgives you when you are wrong, and supports all of your goals, you know you are in a healthy relationship.

Say you are sorry when you are wrong and forgive your partner for their mistakes.

Step 2: Communicate with each other
Realize that communication is essential to a healthy relationship. Keep the communication flowing and give each other time to express both positive and negative feelings.

Step 3: Respect one another
Respect one another. Being treated with respect is essential in a healthy relationship. If you are both respectful of each others thoughts and feelings, even though both parties may not be in agreement, the relationship will be healthier.

Step 4: Be honest
Be honest with each other and your relationship will flourish. No healthy relationship can survive dishonesty.

Step 5: Trust each other
Trust each other. Trust needs to be present in order to have a healthy relationship. If you do not trust each other, you are not in a healthy relationship.

Step 6: Look for dependability
Look for dependability. When you and your partner both show up when you say you will and do what you say you will do, your relationship will grow.

Step 7: Learn
Learn from each others mistakes, appreciate the healthy qualities in your relationship, and work to maintain the health of the relationship.

Did You Know?
Oxytocin released during orgasm is responsible for the connection and trust people feel with their partners after sex.


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