Putting the Magic Back In Your Marriage

Putting the Magic Back In Your Marriage (341)
(NewsUSA) – Jobs, children and other obligations can keep spouses from enjoying quality time together. But stress and busy schedules shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your partner.
Here are some tips from Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine, for Americans hoping to reconnect with their significant other:
– Pen each other in. Arranging a weekly date with your spouse might lack spontaneity, but scheduled “together time” might just become the highlight of your week. Go to a café and chat over coffee and scones, see a movie or stroll through your neighborhood. Both of you will enjoy a stress-free chance to reconnect.
You can start out by writing down a list of activities you would like to do with your spouse, like seeing an art exhibition or taking a nature hike. Ask your spouse to write a list, too. Then, do one activity each week, alternating between your lists.
– Write love notes. Your spouse will appreciate finding notes on a pillow or in a briefcase -; sometimes the little things make people feel the most loved.
– Surprise your spouse. Prepare breakfast in bed on one random weekend, or ask your spouse to join you on a weekend getaway.
– Leap in to help. If your spouse seems extra-stressed, start looking for ways that you can help lighten his or her load. Drive the kids to school one day so that your spouse can sleep in, or surprise your spouse by making dinner for the whole family on a busy night.
– Show gratitude. When couples fall into routines, both parties may start to feel underappreciated. Your spouse works hard to keep your family running, so acknowledge your partner’s efforts with a “thank you” every now and again.
– Arrange lunch dates. If you work in the same area, why not meet for lunch once weekly? You won’t have to schedule a babysitter, since the kids are in school, and you will still have the evening hours to complete any tasks on your list.
For more tips on living a well-balanced life, visit SUCCESS magazine’s Web site at www.SUCCESS.com.


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