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MA VOURNEEN – (My Darling) …Poetry by Michael Walsh

Carlo Gallozzi / Composer
Music: Michel Pépé – La Clairière Féerique
Video edited by CARLO GALLOZZI

When time and distance separate us,
Then you will find the spirit of our togetherness,
In a glass of wine.
My darling; Make it a long stemmed glass,
To remind you that,
Even the minute apart is the longest one.

Fill it to its very brim,
To symbolize the fullness that you bring to my heart;
Sip it gently, and often, that you may know,
That each slight touch or glance,
Is a kiss from you.
And most of all;
Let its spirit warm you as yours has warmed me.

Raise the glass
And salute both the past and the future that link us;
But most of all,
Toast the emptiness that lies between,
Without which there could be no anticipation.
And if the spirit of the glass brings warmth,
Peace and joy to the inner you,
Then you will understand what you have brought to me.

Let the shimmer of the wine’s sparkle on your lips,
Hint at desire;
The coolness of the chilled bottle the long ago.
The chuckle of its pour, the future.
But most of all may it, as it becomes part of you,
Remind you that you are a part of me.

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♥ OMAR AKRAM – Echoes of Love ♥

Andreea Petcu
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Omar Akram – Echoes of Love
Album Echoes of Love – The Best New Age Album 2013 – Grammy Award
music produced,co-written and arranged by Gregg Karukas
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